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Defining a person is a very difficult thing. Many times there are no established limits whether someone can be considered X or Y, especially when it comes to personal attributes, knowlegde level or hobbies. But I will try to define myself as best as I can.

I am just another human being on planted Earth, from the magical region of Galicia, bornt at the beginning of the third millenium B.F (22yo). I don’t like gender but I define myself as nonbinary, and I go with any pronouns.

As a human being, I want to enjoy my life here and improve the life of others. I hate conflict and bad people. I wish a world in which the collaboration makes society grow, rather than competition, which seems to be the norm in today’s world. I also believe that technological and scientifical progess is crucial and benefitial for humanity and people.

Apart from that, I am interested in computer science and mathematics. The concept of universal machines (computers) capable of doing anything it’s fascinating for me. I am also interested in programming languages (PLs), which are very related to computers, since they are the way for this abstract machines to actually do things.

Mathematics, for me, is the conceptualization of abstract structures in a formal language called logic. Within this language, properties about these objects can be proved. Mathematics is the key to make connections between different concepts and properties, which can lead to great progress in the field. One of my favourite connections is the one between two formal systems: the lambda calculus, used for describing computations, and natural deduction, which describes how logical sentences can be infered from others. This connection is called the Curry-Howard correspondence, and it’s another topic that fascinates me.

I have no specific goals within these fields of study. The sole purpose of learning them is for me a good source of entertainment and intelectual beauty, but this initial goal is mixed with the professional aspect due to the additional need of surviving in this world.

But in the end, my preferred activity by far is to spend and enjoy time with my friends and people I love.


I like to talk and meet new people, so if you liked my description above, please contact me through the usernames below, I will be very glad to talk with you! Currently I can speak and write English, Spanish and Galician. Change the ⭐ symbol for the @ in order to obtain the right address, username, etc.